UX/UI redesign for Shifts worker marketing page

Application rate increased by nearly 300% just three months post-release

Shifts by Snagajob is a platform that allows workers to pick up shifts at various businesses in their area; one day a worker could pick up a shift at a restaurant, the next they could choose to work at a warehouse — all based on what fits their schedule and interests.

Shifts workers are W-2 employees rather than 1099 contractors, but the current marketing page wasn’t explaining the benefits in a way that was resonating with workers. Further, workers couldn’t even see what types of shifts were available until they were completely finished with the onboarding process! As a result, many users would get halfway through the onboarding process before dropping off.

Working closely with the legal and HR teams, we added cards that dynamically displayed local shifts. I also emphasized what differentiates Shifts from other gig apps (health benefits and paid time off!).

This page directed users to apply, interview, and onboard with Shifts, a flow that I also designed. Read the case study

The number of submitted applications nearly tripled from approximately 2,000/month the month before release to 6,004/month three months after release.
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